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Modeling the Reduction of Cross-Contamination of Salmonella in the Poultry Chilling Process in China

and last updated on October 19, 2020 04:52 PM


Authors: Xingning Xiao, Wen Wang, Jianmin Zhang, Ming Liao, Hua Yang, Weihuan Fang, Yanbin Li

Author Institutions: Zhejiang University; Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences; South China Agricultural University

This study established a predictive model for the reduction of cross-contamination of Salmonella on chicken during the chilling process. A Normal (0.75, 0.1) distribution model describes the bacterial reduction in the chilling process and a Triangle (2.5,1.5,1.1) distribution describes the logarithm of transfer rate. For prediction of post-chill incidence, the developed response surface model has a satisfactory performance, which can be used to provide input for the QMRA model of Salmonella in poultry supply chains in China.

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