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John Spink

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<b>PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Academy</b><br/><b>Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management, Business College, Michigan State University</b>

PhD, Director of the Food Fraud Prevention Academy
Assistant Professor, Supply Chain Management, Business College, Michigan State University

Dr. John Spink is the Director and Lead Instructor for the Food Fraud Prevention Academy (www.FoodFraudMOOC.com), a resource for information, education and training, including the Food Fraud Massive Open Online Course series (MOOC) series. He is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management (SCM) in the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University (MSU).

Dr. Spink’s food fraud prevention research focuses on policies and strategies to understand and prevent supply chain disruptions and to implement procurement best practices. This research expands upon food safety authenticity to understanding the root causes of food fraud, based on behavioral sciences and criminology, through the supply chain to the application of business decision-making and COSO/Enterprise Risk Management.

Dr. Spink’s research is widely published in leading academic journals including, “Defining the Public Health Threat of Food Fraud,” the first scholarly research article to define food fraud as a specific concept. He also authored the first textbook on the topic in “Food Fraud Prevention – Development, Management, and Implementation.” From 2005 to 2019, Dr. Spink previously developed and taught food safety graduate courses including “Packaging for Food Safety,” “Anti-Counterfeit and Product Protection,” and “Quantifying Food Risk.” Before returning to academia in 2005, he spent fifteen years in industry, including 11 years at Chevron Corporation, two years at a $100 million high growth consumer products company and as an independent management consultant. For more information, please see www.FoodFraudPrevention.com