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ICMSF Videos on Microbiological Testing

This playlist of videos were recorded by the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods (ICMSF) in 2017 at Multimedia Wageningen University.

#01 "History of ICMSF", Martin B. Cole

Martin Cole, Chairman of the ICMSF describes the history of the International Commission on Microbiological Specifications for Foods or ICMSF. ICMSF, has a long history of timely contributions and impartial advice to the management of microbial food safety of foods in international trade. Still as relevant today as we look forward to the important role that food safety management plays in global food security.

#02 "Microbiological Testing Basics", Robert L. Buchanan

This video introduces concepts common to various types of microbiological testing: Microbiological testing is set of technology-based, statistically-based tools to help assess the effectiveness of food safety systems

#03 "Microbiological Testing for Validation and Verification", Katherine M.J. Swanson

This video explains the difference between validation and verification testing.

Validation answers the question “Does it work?” and verification answers the question “Is it implemented as intended?”

#04 "Microbiological testing for Food Lots", Katherine M.J. Swanson

This video provides knowledge to direct testing to where it matters most: Appropriate testing of food lots is influenced by knowledge of how it was produced.

#05 "Microbiological testing for Process Control", Katherine M.J. Swanson

This video explains benefits of microbiological testing for verification: Microbiological testing for verification is beneficial for many food products when compared between lots.

#06 "Anatomy of a sampling plan", Marcel H. Zwietering

This video explains the anatomy of a sampling plan: qualitative and quantitative sampling plans are presented as well as 2 and 3 class plans. Furthermore all parameters of the sampling plan are explained

#07 "The ICMSF cases", Leon G.M. Gorris

In this video the 15 cases, as developed by the ICMSF, are presented.

These cases may be used to determine the microbiological safety and suitability of foods in trade or coming onto a market, especially when there is no other information available.

#08 "Microbiological Testing and Distribution of Microorganisms", Marcel H. Zwietering

The effect of various distributions is introduced and a start is made with describing the performance of a sampling plan.

#09 "Microbiological testing and performance of sampling plans", Marcel H. Zwietering

The effect of various distributions is continued and the effect on the operating characteristic curve is explained.

#10 "Examples sampling plan performance", Martin B. Cole

This video explains the statistical basis of operating characteristic curves and how to relate the performance of a sampling plan to the level of a hazard controlled: the FSO.
Subtitles in English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and French are currently available on YouTube.

Acknowledgements: English subtitles are provided by the presenter, Chinese subtitles were provided by the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center, Indonesian subtitles by Ratih Dewanti-Hariyadi (ICMSF), Japanese subtitles by ILSI Japan, Dutch subtitles by Marcel Zwietering (ICMSF), Portuguese subtitles by Bernadette Dora Gombossy de Melo Franco (ICMSF), Spanish subtitles by Francisco J. Garcés-Vega, French subtitles by Dan Lacroix (University of Guelph).