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A Predictive Model for Cross-Contamination of Salmonella in the Poultry Chilling Process

and last updated on October 19, 2020 05:22 PM


Author: Xingning Xiao

Author Institutions: Zhejiang University; Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences

This study investigated the cross-contamination of Salmonella by simulating chilling conditions in a laboratory, to develop a model for predicting bacterial incidence after chilling. Contamination levels and pre-chill incidence showed a positive effect and chlorine concentration showed a negative effect on Salmonella incidence, respectively (p < 0.05). Among the three factors, the contamination level was the major contributor for Salmonella incidence. The developed model showed a satisfactory performance to predict the post-chill incidence as evidenced by statistical indices (pseudo-R2 = 0.9; p < 0.0001; RMSE = 6.21) and external validation parameters (Bf = 1.02; Af = 1.11).

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